Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing.

Distance Reiki and Chakra Healing Session

Reiki and Chakra Healing Sessions for an energic cleansing and healing of your energy centers.

45-minute one on one session through Zoom.

You will be guided through a journey using imagery, sound bells, and healing stones to balance, cleanse, and heal your chakras. You will recieve distance reiki healing.

Reiki for Self Healing

Learn to use Reiki for self healing. Includes attunement to Reiki.

45-minutes one on one session through Zoom.

You will learn the basics of Reiki, be attuned to Reiki, guided in learning the hand positions for self healing, and get a visual poster of the positions.

Level 1, 2, & Reiki Master Studies

Reach out by email if you are interested in learning Reiki at the Level 1, 2, or Master Level.

Deann Rae Jensen is a Certified Reiki Master from the International School of Usui Reiki.

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