What if you could run a successful business and create a life you love?

Go from overwhelmed and stuck to flourishing in life and business!

You can feel it in your heart and soul that you are meant for more, for something bigger. You feel the call right now to step up!

You’re passionate, driven, and you strive to be better every day and to make the world a better place, but it isn’t always easy.

Do you feel like there is something invisible, inside you blocking you from accomplishing your dreams and goals?

Do you often wonder what it is you are missing and that it shouldn’t be this hard to create the business and life of your dreams?

Listen, I’ve been there. When I started my business, I was excited. When the excitement wore off though, I was faced with fear. Fear of putting myself out there and fear of if I would really be able to make this business my full time gig.

I spent the first couple years spinning my wheels with strategies and diving deep into my mindset.

I had the strategies, I had the mindset tools, but something was missing… 

bringing my spirituality into my business!

Instead of focusing on what everyone else was doing, I focused on what my inner callings were, my own inner healing, and the strategies that were in alignment with my business and goals.

Now I make my own income, my own schedule, and I run my business on my terms.

I want to help as many people as I can not have to struggle as long as I did trying to figure it out. 

Together, we are creating new paradigms where spiritual entrepreneurs can have wealthy, abundant lives and successful businesses, all in alignment with their soul, their values, and the universe.


If you had confidence and ability to put yourself out there, make your own income, and create and work in flow and in alignment with your soul and the universe!

It is possible to have a life and business you are in love with!

Overcome fear, anxiety, and overwhelm, and move into freedom, abundance, and empowerment!

Gain the confidence to speak your truth and put yourself out there!

Fill in the gaps and tailor your business strategy to work for you!

It’s time to take action and make some money!


You tried spinning your wheels with strategies, you have tried mindset work, but things still aren’t moving.


“Hey Deann! I just wanted to say it’s been a delight working with you! I’ve finally got my program coming together, and I’m feeling more confident than ever, thanks to working with you. I’m super excited to see what the future holds for my business. Thank you for helping me break down the barriers that have been holding me back for years!”

What’s Included…

– 3 months of one on one coaching (alternative packages are available on Discovery Call)

– 1 90-minute session, 7 60-minute coaching calls, with 1 week of implementation each month

– M-F Voxer Messenger and E-Mail access for daily feedback and support

– Weekly Soul Work (Trainings, Taking Action, Worksheets, Journaling, Meditations)

“Deann has a true gift for healing. Working with her brings mental clarity, and inner peace. I’ve struggled with inner child issues many times during my entrepreneurial journey. Deann has helped me bring them to the surface, feel through the emotion, and release it. Working with Deann has helped bring peace into my life, and confidence into my business.”

I work with spiritual entrepreneurs because I am one myself and believe that spirituality and business do not have to be separate. The journey of an entrepreneur is a spiritual one. I work with spiritual business owners, but this does not mean you have to be offering spiritual services (although many of my clients do). It just means that you have to be open and willing to work with spirit in your business.

I believe that when faced with blocks and obstacles, this is an opportunity to do the inner work that is needed to step into your next level. I believe in healing blocks from the root so that unprocessed emotions don’t keep popping up.

I also believe that there is no one size fits all approach to business. There are many strategies out there and you can spin your wheels trying them all, or you can find what works for you and your business.

“The techniques I have learned from Deann have been very helpful. I have learned better stress management and how to eliminate limiting beliefs thanks to Deann’s coaching!”

Hi! I’m Deann!

I am a Spiritual Business, Inner Work and Success Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Meditation Teacher, and Reiki Master. I love helping spiritual entrepreneurs breakthrough their inner blocks so they can be empowered in life and run successful businesses through deep inner work and aligned strategy.

My coaching is for you if you are ready to step into their confidence to run a successful business, to learn to create and work in flow and in alignment with your soul and the universe, and do the deep inner work and sacred self-care practices that cultivate huge breakthroughs and growth!

© 2021 Deann Rae Jensen