Clinical and Healing Hypnosis

What can hypnotherapy do for you?

Hypnosis can help you with personal development and healing.

It can help you change limiting beliefs and behavior, and become more confident, motivated, and take more action!

Overcome inner blocks and make positive changes by accessing, healing, and aligning the subconscious mind.

“Thank you Deann for really listening to me and creating a personalized hypnosis session. In just a few weeks I am experiencing great results. It’s very exciting. P.S. I love your soothing voice and your calmness.”

Deann Rae Jensen is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

As a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist I am here to be your guide in hypnosis.

$150 for first time sessions and $75 for repeating clients.

– Increase motivation and self confidence

– Overcome stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, phobias, pain, PTSD

– Inner Child Healing

– Current and Past Life Regression Therapy

– Make positive belief & behavior changes

“I’m actually feeling really clear about what I want. I feel excited… I even made an extra couple hundred from my business these past few days. So, that’s super exciting! I am feeling more confident about posting. I was actually excited to post yesterday! Usually I would overthink, and end up not even posting because I wouldn’t want to annoy people… I’m feeling really good after our session! Thank you so much!”

“Your sessions are amazing. Shortly after mine, I cam out of my shell, and truly quit caring what others think. #lifechanging”

“Thank you so much for the beautiful session this week. I really appreciated you sharing your time and gifts and I enjoyed it very much… I’m so happy that I chose to work with you. You held such beautiful space for me to explore and process my emotions and you gave your input where needed. It’s not often that you find a practitioner who is able to toe the line so perfectly and for that I appreciate you… Looking forward to working with you again!”

“You healed a 700 year case of PTSD!”

Frequently Asked Questions

How does hypnosis work?

In hypnosis, you go into a deeply relaxed state in which the subconscious mind can be accessed. It is accessed to gain information or to make changes on the subconscious level.

How many sessions will I need?

This depends on the person and the desired outcomes. Anywhere from one to six sessions is recommended. One session is powerful enough to make a change in many cases. Inquire about hypnotherapy to learn how many sessions is recommended for you.

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