I have been in my business full time for over a year now. Before that I was on and off with side jobs, temporary full time jobs, and all I wanted was to be full time in my business. I am even a little reluctant to say I’m full time in my business because that gives the impression that I work full time hours and I don’t.

Some of my clients come to be because they want to be “full time” in their businesses too. They want to let go of the unaligned or unfulfilling job and they want to live their passion.

Time and fear, those were my biggest blocks and the blocks I see most common with others in this position. We are caught in a battle of having the time to do all the things we want to in our businesses with a full time or even part time job and the fears that pop up around wondering if you can really sustain yourself and flourish with your business.

The Time Paradox

I know it seems like there is so much to do and there will be time for it all my dear. Right now though, focus on a few aligned strategies that are money making and effective and also aligned to you. By aligned I mean strategies that work with your time, your energy, and your values.

I only work a few hours a day in my business, and then I also work on my business a few hours a day, and not every day. I do this because I started my business for time freedom. I spend the rest of my day playing, engaging in self care and spiritual practices. This helps my business as well, so it is not something I would change. I do struggle with the occasional work burn out that comes from diving so deep into our work and it’s filled with passion, so it can be sneaky. I have gotten better at catching this pattern and have learned to do more with less. I have also learned that there is always time, there will always be time, we just can’t do everything all at once.

You can meet your goal of going all in on your business working only a couple hours a week. It just depends on where your focus is. At first I spent countless hours trying to do all the things, but it wasn’t effective. So, I focused on the few things that worked. Now I do all the things, I have my FB, my IG, this blog, an email list, a Facebook group, I’m on Pinterest and YouTube. I am all over the place, but I wasn’t in the beginning. I started with my FB page and a FB group.

Walking Through Fear

Those fears that pop up around wondering if you can really sustain yourself and flourish with your business. I know, I have been there and to be honest, I still feel the fear sometimes. What helps me is diving into my spirituality and into my trust in spirit. Looking back, I can see that I have always been divinely supported and so are you, so why should that stop? I believe I am always being divinely guided. So, it’s about turning down the noise of fear and connecting with your mission, your intuition, and your inner callings.


Deann Rae Jensen

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